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While most of the world is busy building castles in the air, we at Amazzy believe in working from scratch. It may seem simple enough, but creating a t-shirt is a deeply complicated process. We tackle the process head-on to bring you the most awesome and comfortable collection of t-shirts for every occasion and mood.
If you’re wondering how we do it, here’s a look at how we work at Amazzy.


We leave some things to the experts by outsourcing certain parts of the production process. But at every step, dedicated quality control personnel supervise it. Our fabrics are nothing but the best, with a composition of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Might is right, and every t-shirt needs to be strong for all that wear and tear it goes through every day when you wear it. We use the best threads to make sure we fulfill this condition. We learn from the best in the t-shirt business to give every shirt the perfect size. When you put in on, you’ll know you’re wearing an Amazzy product. Unlike other startups in the market, we bring more than two decades of traditional retailing experience. Quality is our most non-negotiable trait. If there’s one thing you can always be sure of, it is that we never compromise. Every Amazzy product is bar-coded, preventing any duplication. Your t-shirt will always be just as unique as you.


Designing is the toughest part of creating something great. Hours of brainstorming can often yield no outcome, leaving us pulling our hair. But we always stick to it, because that’s how we got here today. We study current fashion trends and make sure our products are always ahead of the curve. Every Amazzy employee is under 30, highly motivated and incredibly creative. All these qualities show up in the t-shirts we design. Most t-shirt companies use low quality rubber prints which stay imprinted on the cloth rather than blending in with the fabric. There prints only last 3-4 months. At Amazzy, we use only the best water color prints which mix with the fabric, giving it a long and happy life. Our shirt is our canvas, so we take no chances with it. We use big A3 size printing for the best clarity and perfection.


First impressions are the best impressions, so we always try to ensure that the first time you see our products, you see the authentic thing. The images you’ll see on our site are exactly what you’ll get when you order. Most companies use mock images of t shirts, with artificial photoshopped images. But not us. We use real-life models for top-quality photo shoots, so that you can see how the shirt will really look on you.


We’ve experienced the excitement that accompanies a new purchase, so we know how you feel when you place an order when you shop online. We try to keep this excitement intact even after you receive the product by providing the very best delivery facilities. Amazzy uses the most trusted shipping companies to give you secure and fast deliveries.


We follow the industry best practices even when it comes to packaging our products. We use the best quality polythene packaging and all our love to wrap each t shirt. Products are safely sealed in tamper-proof bags, so that you’ll always know you were the first person to handle your new t-shirt.
So that’s it folks! This is what Amazzy really means: Truly amazzy-ing. (And no, our name wasn’t inspired by Amazon!). We turn fun attitude into great fashion, and complicated processes into simple and transparent methods of production.

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