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Amazzy is the ultimate online destination for today’s young urban fashion lovers. From hoodies to sweatshirts, from t shirts to vests, we’ve got everything you’ll ever need for the complete casual look. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a tv show lover, a foodie or a gamer. We weave quality and comfort into every stitch, making sure that you get nothing but the best. After all, you deserve it.

Our Story

Inspiration strikes when you least expect it to. Our journey began when we got inspired by the humor and fun of everyday objects and incidents. We started turning our ideas into t-shirt designs, and there was simply no looking back after that. From a small team, we grew into a notable player in the online apparel market. With hundreds of incredibly satisfied customers, there’s just no looking back for us. We’re here to stay. We’re here to give you your regular doses of fashion. We’re here because we’re simply Amazzy-ing.

Our Services

We specialize in designing and manufacturing funky creative t-shirts for all occasions. Thanks to years of expertise in the world of offline retail, we start by sourcing the best quality fabric for you. We then turn these into the most awesome t-shirts you can imagine, with our out-of-the-box ideas and richly creative designs. We offer doorstep delivery and online payments, and have an easy hassle-free returns policy. Our range of apparel is both men and women’s line of clothing, including t shirts, vests, hoodies, sweatshirts and plain shirts, in looks ranging from sleeveless, half-sleeved and full-sleeved.

The work we do OR The way of work we do

Our way of work is just as unconventional as the prints and clothes you’ll see on our site. Our office is based in Pune, and its interiors reflect our unique way of think. We brainstorm, create designs, do our photoshoots and collaborate on creatives before finalizing out latest collections. There’s nothing we love more than staying up to date with the latest trends and introducing them into our designs. When the production begins, we carry out quality inspections for every item we produce. When you place an order, we seal your item in tamper-proof packaging and ensure it reaches you safe and sound.

Our Team

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