Posted on 20 August 2016

It's been an exciting week. The enthusiasm of Independence Day combined with the excitement of cheering on the Indian team at the Olympics created a patriotic environment that inspired all of us. And more than anything else, it was the grit and girl power that kept us glued to our televisions.

Asking around, we at Amazzy realized that the Olympics are a hazy far-away concept for most of us. It means sitting in the comfort of our homes or offices, watching our athletes struggle to make a name for themselves while we chug a cold can of beer with a snack or two. We'd all love to see our countries produce another talented Dipa Karmakar, or gutsy Sakshi Malik and Lalita Babar. We'd loyally shed tears for another Vinesh Phogat, carried out of the arena on a stretcher, defeated in body but not spirit. We'd forcefully applaud another P. V. Sindhu for fighting tooth and nail against a formidable opponent, displaying great grace with a warm hug even in her hour of disappointment.

We agree we'd do all this, but how much do we really do to foster the talent hidden away in nooks and crannies of our country? Abhinav Bindra tweeted that it costs UK £5.5 million for every medal its atheles bring home. Without spending a fraction of that amount, we unfairly expect miracles from our sportspersons. What does it tell us about our character as a nation when our female athletes step up to save our pride as a nation, despite the horror stories we hear about how women are treated in India? Virender Sehwag agrees, saying that from buying vegetables to bringing kids home from school, from running homes and companies to bringing home medals, our girls are having to do it all.

No one puts it better than Amitabh Bachchan when he proudly declared that these victories are worth a 1000 golds, and even that is not enough. It is not enough to have a few days of short-lived infectious energy. There's a lot that we need to change about ourselves. Not just as individuals, but as citizens of the world's largest democracy. Because its the least we owe to these champions who have helped us hold our heads high in front of the world today.

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